Questions you may ask

How it works at Dialogues Space?

Buy a package that suits your requirement and check - in at the space of your choice. You can get started with your work with the unlimited WiFi access.

Can I bring in my own food or order from outside?

We like to respect the rights of the space and hence outside food is not allowed. You can however enjoy the exclusive offers that each space has to offer exclusively for Dialogues Space members.

How many hours can I work from a single space?

On average at each space you can spend time from 10am till 6pm. Working hours is listed against each space in the coworking zone.

Is the pass valid for one space in a day?

Yes each pass is valid for one space in a day. You can however work from a different space each day.

Can I bring a Non-member Friend/Colleague along to Dialogues Space?

Yes, you can bring in your guest or friend to Dialogues Spaces and it is free for one hour. Check with the space on extra time.

What do I get under each plan?

Under every plan we promise you a guilt free time, unlimited access to high speed WiFi, Special offers on the menu and access to Dialogues Space in house events and workshops. Every Space shall also offer a complimentary drink or a drink + snack. Check out on the space listing for more information.

What if I don’t use all my visits of the Multi Visit pass?

Each Package has extended validity. You will exhaust the unused visits. However due to any unforeseen reasons you feel you will not be able to use the visits then reach out to us. Refer to our refund policy.

Do I check-in with someone when I arrive?

Yes, as a process you have to check in at the front desk. Every Space that we have hand-picked has a friendly team that shall make you feel at home.

Will I be forced to order F&B at the space?

Never. The basic idea of Dialogues Space is to remove the feeling of forced ordering or guilt of not ordering so you can enjoy a productive work day without any hassle. Each Space will have special offer that shall be listed on the website that you can avail if you choose to order from the cafe.

Is there a corporate plan I can avail for my employees?

Yes. is a perfect complement to your office solution. Simply click here and leave your details or write to us at [email protected] and we shall reach out to you.

How do I conduct an event using Dialogues Space? acts as a platform for artpreneurs to launch themselves through workshops and events. Simply click here and leave your details or write to us at [email protected] and we shall reach out to you.

Have another query, call us or mail us and we’ll promptly answer.