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Aug. 15, 2020, 11 a.m.
This event will be held online.
Starting from Rs. 499.0*
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Bring Folk Art Back to Life!

Indian folk art styles form the roots of our culture, history, and mythological tradition. Let's rediscover them anew.
Dialogues and Urban Kala  bring to you our Folk Art Series, a collection of 6 Indian folk art workshops.

Click on the names of the Artforms to get more details :)

Kerala Mural Art  (8th Aug, 11am to 1pm): Usually depicting the sagas of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Kerala mural paintings are unparalleled in their ethereal beauty.

Cheriyal Art  (15th Aug, 3pm to 5pm): The Cheriyal tradition of art depicts tales from religious texts and of rural life on painted scrolls. Bright colours are a signature feature of this folk art.

Pattachitra Art  (16th Aug, 3pm to 5pm): Patta Chitra art consists of intricately detailed paintings on cloth. The artist first paints the trademark floral border and then moves inward to the central figures.

Gond Art  (23rd Aug, 11am to 1pm): Storytelling lies at the heart of Gond Art. Rich in detail and replete with stylistic visual elements, it invokes a myriad of emotions.

Warli Art  (30th Aug, 11am to 1pm): A form of tribal art, this style makes use of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares to form numerous shapes depicting life and beliefs of the Warli tribe.

Madhubani Art  (6th Sep, 11am to 1pm): Geometrical figures and vibrant colours are striking elements of this art form.

Materials required:
1. Paper or Canvas
2. Colors - Acrylic or Watercolors 
3. Pencil, Eraser
4. Microns of black pens for outline 
5. Zero-number brush for outlines
6. 3 - 6 number brush for filling colors
7. One flat brush for wash 

Per session: 499/-
Choose any three: 1350/- Only (Limited Slots)
Learn all six forms: 2400/- Only (Limited Slots) *Kerala Mural Session will be Recorded Session 

These art forms have been adapted to many modern art techniques like acrylic paintings on canvas and ink drawings on paper.
With these workshops, we celebrate their legacies, we celebrate our culture.
Come join us!

About the Artist: Savita
Savita Gopalakrishnan - the quintessential Mumbaikar,  and the brain behind Urbankala, a one-stop artistic gifting solution. She works on the painted/ sculpted merchandise at Urbankala. Art has been her passion and she also spreads the therapeutic art through her workshops across Mumbai. She is a self-taught artist with 7 years into this color venture, after her stint as a Lighting & Texturing Expert. While she has been into various forms of art, including contemporary and quirky art, her main focus has been Indian folk art. 
"Beauty is in the detailing", she says, and her perfect detailing allows her artwork to stand out. And with the right choice of colors, that are unique and fresh, she further enhances the visual appeal.

- This is a LIVE session, not a pre-recorded tutorial
- For the best experience, join the workshop from your laptop/desktop
- Ensure that your internet connectivity is strong
- Log in 15 minutes prior to the workshop. This would help us work out any technical difficulties so we can start the session on time.
- If you are unable to join the session due to technical reasons, please call us on (+91-6363556436)
- This is a closed event. Only registered email ids will be allowed to join the session.

Please note that you will receive the invoice and the link of the session on your registered email id. If you fail to receive the email, you can reach out to us on [email protected] or call us on +91-6363556436 and we will send the invite to you again.

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