Dialogues with Books Meet-up: Books to Screen AdaptationsMeetup

June 13, 2021, 4 p.m.
This event will be held online.

Dialogues with Books Meet-up: Books to Screen Adaptations

Have you ever watched a long-awaited movie adaptation and felt, after wasting 2 hours of your life, that 'the book was better'? Yup, we've all been there. But there are also some movie adaptations that lived up to their ink and paper counterparts and, if we dare say so, even outshone them on the screen. This is your chance to rant/rave about all of these adaptations with our books community. 

Some books/movies we'll be talking about:
- Gone Girl 
- Harry Potter series 
- Lord of the Rings series 
- Little Women 
- IT
- Pride & Prejudice 
- Silence of the Lambs
- The Godfather 
- The Book Thief
- 3 Idiots
- The Namesake

From the Percy Jackson fails (ouch), to the Gone Girl chills (view with caution): bring along some metaphorical popcorn. This is going to be one discussion worth waiting for. :)

Our host for the session: Mannav Jasinghanni

When: 4-6 p.m., Sunday, 13th June
Where: Online, on Zoom

For more book recommendations, join our Dialogues with Books Community on WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DomhGbXeAbtFHSChahDlV0

About the Meet-up
We are a group of book-lovers who meet (online, currently) once every month to talk about what we love the most - books! For this month's meet-up, the theme is 'Books I Keep Coming Back To'. Let's talk about those books that are closest to our hearts and the ones that we keep rereading but never tire of. Keep a cup of coffee or tea ready for the session!

About the Community
Meet a group of people who are drawn to books like fireflies to a flame. We love books. We love talking about books. If you do too, join our community! 
We have a WhatsApp group where we host weekly book discussions. We also meet (online) once every month for a special meet-up.

- This is a LIVE session, not a pre-recorded tutorial
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- Ensure that your internet connectivity is strong
- Log in 15 minutes prior to the workshop. This would help us work out any technical difficulties so we can start the session on time.
- If you are unable to join the session due to technical reasons, please call us on (+91-6363556436)
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