Advanced Mandala (2-Day) Workshop with AmbicaArt & Craft

Sept. 26, 2020, 3 p.m.
This event will be held online.

Mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit. It is an abstract diagram with a concentric pattern having one recognizable central point from which emanate symbols and forms. This symbolic sketch is usually used for meditation and some sacred rituals.
Mandalas have been shown in clinical studies to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, and promote sleep. 

What You Will Learn: 
In this workshop, the attendee will learn to draw mandalas from scratch making a basic grid first and then filling in the patterns. Along with the importance of Mandala such as: 
1. How Mandalas have a calming effect on the mind
2. How it Improves concentration
3. How it is absolutely therapeutic 

Materials Needed: 
1. A4 size sheets
2. Pens (Preferably fineliners) (black color)
3. Black colour pencil/ charcoal pencil
4. Protractor
5. Compass
6. Pencil
7. Scale
8. Eraser 
9. Scissor

When:  26 and 27 Sep 2020 (3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.)
Where: Google Meet

In case you would like to go with the Recorded session, session link will be shared post LIVE workshop

About the Artist: 
Ambica Agarwal is an interior designer and also a graphic designer by profession. She found her solace by creating mandalas and has been creating Mandalas for 4 years. After finding her passion, she wanted to share her experiences and has been curating workshops since then. 

- This is a LIVE session, not a pre-recorded tutorial
- For the best experience, join the workshop from your laptop/desktop
- Ensure that your internet connectivity is strong
- Log in 15 minutes prior to the workshop. This would help us work out any technical difficulties so we can start the session on time.
- If you are unable to join the session due to technical reasons, please call us on (+91-6363556436)
- This is a closed event. Only registered email ids will be allowed to join the session.

Please note that you will receive the invoice and the link of the session on your registered email id. If you fail to receive the email, you can reach out to us on [email protected] or call us on +91-6363556436 and we will send the invite to you again. 

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