Acrylic Painting with NandithaArt & Craft

Aug. 30, 2020, 4:30 p.m.
This event will be held online.

Acrylic painting is a perfect choice either if you are a beginner or if you're somebody who wants to take art seriously. This medium allows you to paint expressively with a lot of freedom.

What You Will Learn: 
In this workshop, you will learn all the basics of the medium and several techniques of painting from an experienced artist. The workshop objectives are as follows: 
1. Get a better understanding of the medium and different techniques of using it 
2. How to convert a reference photograph to a watercolor painting 
3. Learn how to blend colors
4. Learn the technique of wet on wet (adding wash)
5. Learn how to use color tones
6. Learn how to mix different colors 
7. Understanding about light and shadows
8. Maintaining balance with the amount of color, water, and brush
9. Brush pressure on the paper surface
10. Adding the first and second layers 
11. How to make a beautiful and expressive background for portraits or still life 
12. To paint a beautiful whimsical painting by the end of the session
13. Finally, and most importantly, how to loosen up and paint without any preplanning 

Materials Needed: 
1. Acrylic paints
2. Wash brush - 62mm 
3. Flat brush - no.10
4. Round brush - no. 10 
5. Liner brush - no.000 
6. Container with clean water
7. Palette ​​
8. Paper or cloth towel
9. Canvas or paper of at least 350 gsm.

About the Artist: 
Nanditha (@tintsandstrokes_) is a freelance artist and a Physics student. She is from Kerala and has been pursuing art for the last 4 years. She mainly works with Acrylics and watercolors and her forte is Acrylic Landscapes. Her daily motivation for art is always natural.
She loves teaching art and finds joy in sharing her techniques with art lovers. She has conducted various art workshops, tutorials, and exhibitions in the past years. 

- This is a LIVE session, not a pre-recorded tutorial
- For the best experience, join the workshop from your laptop/desktop
- Ensure that your internet connectivity is strong
- Log in 15 minutes prior to the workshop. This would help us work out any technical difficulties so we can start the session on time.
- If you are unable to join the session due to technical reasons, please call us on (+91-6363556436)
- This is a closed event. Only registered email ids will be allowed to join the session.

Please note that you will receive the invoice and the link of the session on your registered email id. If you fail to receive the email, you can reach out to us on [email protected] or call us on +91-6363556436 and we will send the invite to you again. 

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