STEM Summer camp - JP NagarKids

April 20, 2020, 10 a.m.
Dialogues, 57, 15th Cross Rd, JP Nagar Phase 6

A fun summer camp for kids, age group 6-11, which help them to understand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts at an early age.

Our motto is to make learning fun. Through our workshops, young ones not only get to think out of the box but also get to make new friends. In our workshops, children get hands-on experience in conducting experiments, deducing results & learning from those results. By exposing children to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they develop a passion for it and begin to love schoolwork.

Our summer camp promotes developing not just STEM but also social and collaboration skills, hence we do not allow parents or guardians to be in the classroom while the workshop is in session, however, they are welcome to hang around the area subject to availability at the venue. Though, we have a certificate distribution for the children at the end of the last class where we would love it if the parents could join us and be a part of seeing their children receive it.

Activities Following is the list of activities that will be covered during the summer camp. Every day we would be covering 3-4 activities.

Human Body:

1. Create a basic functional robotic hand with straws

2. Learn how our respiratory organs function by creating a working lung model

3. Craft your own wearable upper-body skeleton with organs

4. Model a basic thermometer


5. Learn buoyancy by creating and sinking your own boat

6. Magically make a U-Pin float

7. Design and build a paddle boat

8. Create a boat which works just with water

9. Learn about liquids and create your own non-newtonic liquid


10. Engineer your own catapult to break forts

11. Measure the speed of wind by creating your own device

12. Enter the world of magnetism and build a car

13. Visit history to create the first machine known to man

14. Expand a balloon stuck to a bottle

Rockets & Planes:

15. Understand what's elasticity by launching things in the air

16. See how rockets are propelled by making your own paper rocket

17. Learn about action & reaction by making a balloon rocket

18. Understand how rockets keep devices and people safe while soft landing Art:

19. Create a simple toy to learn about optical illusion, tension, and momentum

20. Learn a new meditative art form

21. Get introduced to chromatography by making paper flowers bleed

22. Create your own teleidoscope


23. Learn about sound with a wave machine built with tape and sticks

24. Create the age-old thread & cup phone to learn how sound travels

25. Build an ear model & learn how we hear things

About the Educator Neha Alreja Magon is a passionate educator from BITS Pilani with 10+ years of technical experience. She has the ability to create a strong connection with children and loves to teach as well as learn from them. Her passion is to bring science to children at a young age to help them excel in school & in life.

Event Location - Dialogues JP Nagar

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