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July 14, 2019, 10 a.m.
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Significance Sri Chakra
The Sri Chakra, or Sri Yantra, is a specific pattern of triangles, circles and petals it is the King of All Yantras. Sri Chakra worship is considered the highest worship of Devi, and because it contains all deities and all divine potencies within it, it brings every kind of blessing for physical and emotional health, wealth, harmony in one’s relationships, and true spiritual progress.
In truth, the worship of the Sri Chakra is both an art and a science designed by divinely inspired sages; its regular performance clears all obstacles, bestows all blessings, and carries us inexorably towards the highest goal of oneness with the supreme Goddess Sri Lalita Tripur Sundari.
It’s worshiping Kriya shakti – Parvati, Janana Shakti – Sarswati and Iccha shakti- Laxmi.
‘ Sri vidya’ is one of these ‘ dasha maha vidyas; and her form is identified with Lalita Tripur Sundari or Rajrajeshwari, kameshwari.
Sri means “ Devi’ Vidya means knowledge, learning, discipline, system of thought.
This has been worshipped from ages by various traditions and various practices, such as kaul matha, samya matha, and mishra matha, and few things kept secret, some are afraid of worshiping.
The texts speak of ten Vidyas whose worship is commended for health, happiness, wealth in this world and liberation from the phenomenal bondage hereafter.
I have made it simple for today’s our fast forward life.
Actually these three shakti’s are powers residing in the erotic zones of a woman.
Being woman it’s much easier to experience these powers.
And ultimate reality is ‘ Knowing nature and characteristic of mother universe.
“Pradnyananam Braham”
Why to scared? Being happy is the real Devi worship, Devi is your life, she is in with in you, she is in your every limb.
Geometric representation of ‘sri vidya is ‘sri chakra’
Sri chakra represent the whole human body or complete universe. This can be done either physically or in mental stage ‘manas puja’.
Each avarana contains a certain number of triangles, petals or lines that correspond to specific aspects of Divine Mother’s powers of love, wisdom and pure consciousness. As we proceed through each avarana, we come closer to the central bindu, the source of bliss and divine consciousness. Sri Chakra Drawing, Nine Avarnas in detailed, Sri Chakra Avarna Nyas, Understanding Mantra of Devi, Manas Puja, Satvik Sri Upasana , 7 Chakras balancing, Kundalini awakening, Third eye opening these are other manifestation of this worship.
So in your busy life also where ever you are and whenever you can, you can do ‘Devi Puja’
One can definitely worship ‘Devi’ its for your own prana and life, love and power flows with in you.
Either you are on spiritual path or religious path, I invite you to join me open mind and open
you don’t need to scared of worshiping ‘ Devi’ I have made it simple and easily one can, same Devi flows with in you and me too..

Drawing of Sri Chakra/Sri Meru
Nav Avarna
Mantra’s of each Avarna

Rome: Running her retreat center in Wayanad- Kerala, Her Spiritual- Vedic-Ayurveda retreat center is ranked best healing retreat center . She is teaching Spiritual and Vedic side of Yantra Art to International and Local Clients since decades, herself she has greatly benefited from this art to overcome her after accident neurological complications. Since 2010 she went intensive in this Sacred Vedic Art, studied more than 200 Vedic Yantra in Various parts of India.

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