EXPRESSING THE INEXPRESSIBLE- An Illustration WorkshopArt & Craft

Dec. 15, 2019, 11 a.m.
Dialogues, 57, 15th Cross Rd, JP Nagar Phase 6
Rs. 1075.0*
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Workshop description: A two part workshop that aims to focus on expressionism, through ideation and conceptualisation. The first part involves discussion over our personal understandings of certain feelings, understanding what colours, textures and patterns best bring out a certain emotion and finally learning to add a personal touch to your artwork through your inherent knowledge and memories. The second part deals with execution, where through a particular activity everyone learns to create a piece of art that best reflects what they're feeling at that moment. Requirements: laptop with graphic tablet / iPad with pencil / any tablet with a stylus (In case the attendee doesn't have the required instruments, they can contact the organizers for them to be provided) Mentor description : Pooja Sreenivasan is a self taught illustrator and artist, more popularly known by her Instagram handle @slippingandfalling. Pooja often creates illustrations that express unusual but common feelings through whimsical and surreal patterns and colours. Most of her works are influenced either by a lyric in a song that caught her fancy or a dialogue from a movie that had her thinking about it for hours. She also believes that no emotion is a "bad emotion" and feels that art is one of the best ways to be able to get these feelings out and still glad you did at the end of it.

Event Location - Dialogues JP Nagar

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