Let's 3D Mandala

Rs. 1500.0

Dialogues, 41, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Date Aug. 25, 2019

Time 11 a.m.

3D Mandala:
The most significant effect of making a Mandala is the reduction of stress and anxiety. Drawing can enhance individuation and promote self-discovery. “Mandala” is Sanskirt for circle or completion.
Benefits: Mandalas have become a healing tool and induce calmness. Mandalas boost the immune system, enhance concentration, reduce pain, and promote good sleep. It also reconnects with your inner child.

This is not just an art workshop. It’s a session that will work on your thoughts and restlessness of them. Through art let’s work on focus, concentration, and training your mind. We will do simple and everyday doable techniques along with creating therapeutic art for your mind and soul.

We will give you all the materials, tools, n accessories you need to make a soul-creation to take home with you. We will walk you through the complete process and help you connect with yourself through your Mandala.

About the artist:
This will be Rashmi’s Paint n Sip event #58.
With a Masters in Mass Communication and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, MA, USA, Rashmi has been an L&D professional and an Arteprenuer for more than 20 years.
Rashmi’s art certifications include:
Fevicryl (Pidilite) Certified Art Professional
Certified Art Therapy Life Coach

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